Vasily Kostromin
Director for Mechanical Design and Production


Vasily’s first practical experience was gained back in 2008 at the Zelenograd enterprise of Zenith Special Design Office in the position of a design engineer. After graduating from National Research University “Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology” in Microelectronics and Microsystems, he has gained applied experience in the design, arrangement, and manufacture of devices for 9 years since 2011.


He rose from a 3rd category design engineer to a leading engineer and gained experience in the development of commercial products in such companies as WayRay and KorolevDynamics with flexible client-oriented requirements and the highest rate of launching products to the market.His skills allow to complete a full product cycle: negotiations with customers, production facilities, and distributors; assembly, refinement, and debugging; input/output control, etc.


All his life he has been fond of mountaineering and rogaining.

Vadim Rustamov
Director for Software Development


Vadim graduated from the Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University) with two higher educations: Radio Electronics; Applied Mathematics and Programming. During his student days, he dreamed of creating something beautiful like Boston Dynamics; he worked in different layers of abstraction from web development and hardcore enterprise to microcontroller and driver programming.


He was a co-founder of a startup to diagnose pipe defects in thermal power plants using a drone-based laboratory; worked in a startup on large software projects for Sberbank, PJSC, MTS Bank and other commercial banks; took part in a project on an educational platform as a Chief Technical Officer. In all startups, he was responsible for the entire engineering component and the development process.


Hobbies: business consulting, bas-guitar, bicycle rides, jazz concerts, jazz concerts, TV series (how to do without them?)

Anton Khromov
Director for Integrated Solutions (IoT)


A graduate of the Moscow Aviation Institute in Radio Engineering, he gained an engineering experience in the State Space Research and Production Center named after M.V. Khrunichev (product engineer) and Molniya Research and Production Association (test engineer, design engineer).


Then, he turned to software development, being inspired by artificial neural networks and genetic algorithms; took part in a GazpromMedia startup to create a recommendation system as a backend developer and DevOps. He touched the “space” when working for the Research Institute for Precision Instruments, JSC as a developer of a software complex for processing data of remote sensing of the Earth. He was engaged in developing data analysis systems using distributed processing and ML at Open Technologies, JSC.


Hobbies: reading, guitar playing and bicycling

Evgeny Krivosheev
Business Partner for Process Quality and Industrial Culture


Evgeny graduated with honors from the Bauman Moscow State Technical University and traveled the whole path in IT from a developer to a CEO and investor. In an autonomous self-organizing team of founders from Fraxis, he focuses on the replication of industrial culture, scaling modern engineering practices, and fundraising plus IR.

Andrey Savchuk
Head of the “Electronics and Instrumentation” business line


After graduating from the National Research Nuclear University “Moscow Engineering Physics Institute”, Andrey has started his career with a major government project for tablet solutions at the Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Central Research Institute for Economics, Informatics, and Control Systems”. This experience allowed him to independently develop digital circuits and PCB layout; to interdisciplinary interact with related services in a design development department.


Then, life took him in the direction of space and peaceful atom: in a leading position, he developed and launched radiation monitoring systems into mass production. At Sputniks, LLC, he created control systems for CubeSat microsatellites and a magnetic field simulation test bench. As a leading engineer in a RosAtom’s division, he developed telemetry control systems for HF amplifiers up to 250 KW.


He is fond of mountain tourism, mountaineering, rogaining, and sports quadcopters. As a hobby, he constantly assembles new devices and small desktop machines.

Denis Zhukov
Mobile App Developer


Denis graduated from National Research University “Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology” in Electronics and Nanoelectronics. In the third year, he started working as a research engineer at the Zelenograd enterprise, Institute for Design Problems in Microelectronics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, where he was engaged in the development of new algorithms for FPGA designing. He published several scientific papers. Then, he got carried away with mobile development for iOS and migrated to the cross-platform development on the Flutter framework (his actual business).


Hobbies: lawn tennis, rugby, gym, board games with friends.

Darya Pimenova
Mobile App Tester


Education: Moscow Aviation Institute, Department of Fundamental Informatics and Information Technologies, Bachelor’s degree
Work experience: VTB, PJSC, Department for Support of Applied Systems and Services, Support Service for Operations and Settlements, Department for support of the Treasury Settlement System and Operations (27.08.2019 to 15.12.2020).


Engaged in manual testing and product quality improvement, I break down myths that everything works fine and report bugs before they reach the end user.


Hobbies: guitar playing, drawing, yoga

Fyodor Metyolkin
Frontend Developer


Fyodor graduated from the Russian State Social University with higher education degree as a specialist engineer. Later, he took a great interest in programming and, to a greater extent, in the web development. He managed to try both small landing and large projects with BigData.


He was engaged in the development of a data analysis system using distributed processing and ML Open Technologies, JSC; the development of dashboard visualization under orders from the Federal Tax Service of Russia. He is in constant search of new knowledge and technologies, striving for developing in his favorite profession.


Hobbies: outdoor activities, watching Netflix, and reading fiction books

Ekaterina Trushina
Project Manager


E. Trushina graduated with honors from the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation in Project Management and received an additional education in France at the EMLyon Business School in Strategic Management. She started her project activities in 2017 with the project “Building a System for Analyzing Trends in the Development of strong style=”font-weight: bold;”>Blockchain Technology in Russia”. She specializes in the implementation of project methods with a company, such as the traditional PM, OPM3, Prince2, and Agile.


She is fond of tennis, vocals, and design

Aleksandr Vishnyov
Design Engineer


Aleksandr graduated from the Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University) “MAI” in Aircraft Life Support, Rescue, and Protection Systems.
He has twenty years of experience in designing products for civil, medical and military purposes.


Hobbies: poetry, music, fishing, bicycle.

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