Carrier Board for MVP


The board is designed for rapid prototyping of various projects. Communication with the device is carried out using a web application — a virtual office — and has a remote control function. The GPIO connector is compatible with any Raspberry PI class microcomputer

Output ~220В / 5А 6 ports
Digital output   12В 8pcs.
Digital output PWM 12V +tachometer 1+4pcs.
Analog output 2pcs.
Thermometer channels 4pcs.
Thermal sensor on board 1pcs.
I2C 2pcs.
Wi-Fi / Bluetooth +
RTC yes
Flash memory (microSD) 4Gb
RPI compatible +
Monotone beeper +
Remote control via the Internet +

What did the client get?

The documentation was reused in the following projects:

  1. Street light controller
  2.  Controller for GrowBox peripherals

Helmet camera


Designed for remote monitoring of situational and production tasks.  

The helmet camera shall be attached to the frontal part of the helmet in special mounts. The power cable is connected to the power supply at the back of the head in a similar way. The mount is equipped with anti-vandal fasteners. In the case of deliberate dismantling, the camera mount will be damaged, which becomes a compromising factor.

Details of performance characteristics under NDA

What did the client get?

Surface design is made by VOSQ studio. Design study, detailed layout, fastening elements, electrical installation and assembly were carried out by FRAXIS, LLC

Design — 2 months

Design study — 1.5 months

Cost RUB 1.45 mln.

Mobile app


Manages device modes, contains personal balance, has built-in payment system. Connecting and configuring the device via WiFi. Supports the operation of multiple devices in the same ecosystem on different Wi-Fi networks.

General characteristics:

– cross-platform application for Android / iOS
– allows to create your own cryptocurrency wallet and track the balance
– connect household devices to the app
– control and monitor the parameters of household devices
– cooperate with the support service via telegram bots

What did the client get?

– UX designer: 1 person
– Backend — 1 person

– Flatter programmer: 1 person
– Autotester: 1 person

– Application architect: 1 person

– 55 screens
– CJM maps
– Flexible application architectures
– Debugging at the bench with an array of mobile phones



The product consists of a board, a mast and a submerged wing. Additionally, the set comes with a radio remote control. Wiring runs from the board through the mast into the submerged wing. Using the remote control, it is possible to control the engine thrust and the flaps.

What did the client get?

The appearance is designed by a third party studio. The calculation for hydraulic resistance was carried out by a third party studio.

The design, layout of mechanical and electromechanical units, detailing, fabricability were made by FRAXIS, LLC.

The pilot product production cost is RUB 650 thousand.

D16 connector


The D16 connector is designed for portable electronics with miniature components. Has a push-pull latch. Contacts can be disassembled with a special tool. The all-steel body allows the wire shield to be inserted under the nut with reliable electrical contact. A cable sheath retainer can be installed under the nut to prevent the contacts from breaking off during a jerk.

What did the client get?

All parts, except contacts, are manufactured in Russia. Bronze milled gold plated/chrome plated crimp contacts. The contact manufacturer is primarily Amphenol. But it is possible to use equivalents, which are either repurchased or manufactured under license from other manufacturers.

In the future, it is planned to expand the range to 28-32 AWG contacts

Industrial drone


The drone was created for the purpose of flying around structures of buildings and industrial facilities in high-altitude hard-to-reach places. It has an IR sensor, a camera, an ultrasound sensor. Working in a semi-automatic mode, it is able to cover the area of objects not only on a plane, but also on curved surfaces.

What did the client get?

A working model that transmits thermal imaging data to the operator’s station. The automatic mode of flying around buildings with a return to recharge was not completed. The project was stopped due to funding cutbacks.

Watch the video

Air quality monitoring station


The product provides indoor climate monitoring in compliance with SanPiN standards. Indicates deviations from the standard temperature, pressure, humidity, CO2 in ppm, illumination. To do this, it transfers its data to the mobile applications of the responsible person, who takes the actions to normalize the values. In addition, sensors (scattered throughout the premises and rooms) are connected to the station. They aggregate and average the readings.

Dimensions 120х65х45mm
Display 4,3 inch
Resistive touchscreen with multitouch function no
IP class IP54
Съемный предохранитель 5х20
Электропитание +12В / 1,5А
Интерфейсы USB2.0, Ethernet
Люксометр +
Датчик температуры +
Датчик давления +
Интегральный датчик качества воздуха CO2 +
Wi-Fi +

What did the client get?

The system consists of:

– Monitoring station
– External independent sensors, up to 64 per station.

SPOT sports tracker


Amount of investment in DW RUB 6.5 mln.
Lifetime (transmission every 10 sec) 24h
Battery type 18650 or AAA 2 or 4
Connected network type 3G
Flash card 16Gb
Dimensions 96х48х38
GPS/Glonass +
Operating temperature -20..+50

What did the client get?

Portable tracker, which is capable of recording coordinates and sending data to the server. Using map services, the position of a person or an athlete was tracked with reference by name for 24 hours. This is an medium format for the championships of Russia, Europe and the World. This ensures visibility and preserves the sporting spirit of the competition for spectators, when the athlete themselves can be tens of kilometers from the starting point in all parts of the world.

Rugged industrial-grade tablet


Dimensions 235х185х18(35)
Display 10.4 inch
Resistive touchscreen with multitouch function +
IP class IP67
Buttons protected against accidental pressing +
Emergency data erasure +
Protected power+data ports  
Protected USB2.0 port 1

What did the client get?

The project was created from 2013 to 2018. During the work, several iterations were released. The working group consisted of 2 close-knit teams that have been working together for about 20 years on the data encryption tools. 

The tablet became the first of the team’s products that allowed to implement a hardware-software solution in a single portable complex. The motherboard had over 2500 components. The body consisted of 31 parts, including its own electromechanical assemblies, parts for fixing electronic assemblies, and a removable battery.

The tests for temperature, salt fog, steady-state and pulse vibration were carried out in climatic chambers in accordance with the Terms of Reference. And also software was tested at complete benches.

Portable power plant


Capacity 350W*h
Instantaneous power 1500W
Minimum time of uninterrupted


13 min.
Typical runtime at 750W ~2,5 hours
Operating temperature -20..+45С
Overheat protection yes
IP class IP66
Dimensions 240х120х150mm
Number of 220V sockets 2pcs.
Number of USB 2.0 5V/2.1A 3pcs.
Rigging rings yes
Capacity increase attachment of additional batteries to one another

What did the client get?

PPP — portable power plant. Designed for connecting network equipment with a power of 1500W/2500W and an output of 220V in different versions. Mainly marketed for construction, high-rise and remote from electricity operations. It is convenient in cases when short-term automation of work is required: cutting reinforcement at a height, draining a pit, sawing boards, connecting projector and other media equipment.

Small-sized module with replaceable battery packs with a capacity of 220W*h each or 15,000mA, 14.1V. Equipped with lifting eyes for hanging on working and auxiliary cables and ropes.

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